ACME gets the job done... and then some.

synergistic 44

First shot at ACME. Chose a high-money, fast advance deck with powerful ice. The way you layer your ice in this deck is VERY important. You want to find pop up windows and plop them on centrals early for #value and then get more important ice on the outer levels. A good server, such as R&D or scoring remote, would look like (outer to inner): Data Ward/Hydra, Thoth/Data Raven, Pop-up/Universal Connectivity Fee. You want the hard hitting ice that requires a tag on the outside, followed by an ice that gives the runner a tag, followed by econ value. Many assets and drip econ cards that can easily be protected by a single pachinko. If the runner manages to steal some 3 pointers, the amount of tags they have to deal with between the ice and Hard Hitting News should allow you to swap it for a 15 minutes via Exchange of Information.

I'm relatively new to building decks from scratch but wanted to give it a shot. Let me know what you think!

29 Jun 2018 koga

You may consider playing Henry Phillips and protecting it with a Data Ward as outermost ice.

Seems fun anyway :D

29 Jun 2018 Gauss

Resistor seems like a big value add for protecting remotes, too.