Trick of Might

manicmoleman 367

This is a deck I theorycrafted when SSO and City Works Project were first spoiled and it's stayed in the same state ever since, even after a reasonable amount of testing. The goal is to go as fast as possible. Get a City Works Project behind an Asteroid Belt or Mausolus quick, advance it so the Runner can't feasibly steal it, then let it charge up your ICE until the next Agenda shows up. The ideal first turn is installing City Works Project, Wormhole, then Ice Wall to give you a beefy scoring remote for a mere 2 credits, although that's pretty unlikely. The deck struggles with a number of cards in the meta at the moment, namely Clan Vengeance and Employee Strike, but I've really enjoyed playing it at casual meetups. Some notable cards to discuss:

Oaktown Renovation

Many SSO decks run Hollywood Renovation, but I prefer the money from Oaktown, at the expense of you not being able to rush it out behind Mausolus. You can also more easily fast advance Oaktown in a pinch to close the game.

Project Atlas

It might seem odd to have an Agenda that isn't Public in SSO, but Atlas is too good in a rush deck to leave out. You always want to have counters on it. My favourite thing to do is leave it unadvanced in a remote until a Red Planet Couriers shows up, then score it with a tonne of counters; my best has been about 15 counters, and if you can't win the game with 15 clickless tutors I don't know how you'll win!

Biotic Labor

Has great synergy with Red Planet Couriers or you can just score a Project Atlas to close the game or clear Employee Strike.

Dedication Ceremony

Helps to make City Works Project challenging to steal the first turn you install it. I might be tempted to drop one of these for another Fast Track.

Fast Track

You want to mulligan for ICE and City Works Project, and Fast Track is essentially extra copies of the latter.

Punitive Counterstrike

If the Runner steals an advanced City Works Project early, with a DDoS for example, a Punitive can often finish them off.

Trick of Light

In here to score Project Atlas on the cheap. Opponents forgetting this card exists has won me a few games.

30 Jun 2018 Fleecer

Wow, this looks like a really fun list! I'll have to try it out.