Because I Ken!

manicmoleman 448

I made this deck specifically to test Because I Can, and the results are pretty positive. This is a 'toolbox' style deck that tries to have a Run event for every situation, and use Planned Assault and Same Old Thing to play them when required. It's not fantastic by any stretch of the imagination, but I've enjoyed playing around with it. It was built before Kampala Ascendent, hence no Diversion of Funds, but given some of the Criminal cards released in Reign and Reverie, I might try polishing this deck into something better. Some notable cards to discuss:

Because I Can

The whole point of the deck! I really like this card, and although it's highly situational, in this style of 'toolbox' deck it has a home. I've used this in the perfect case, to shuffle a nightmare Upgrade spam remote into R&D, but also just to shuffle PAD Campaigns away against Controlling the Message. The R&D shuffle shouldn't be overlooked. I've also had the ideal case where I run R&D, play this to shuffle an asset away, then run R&D for a steal. These are in no way consistent plays with this card, but they're fun anecdotes nonetheless.

Falsified Credentials

Is it worth the time and effort using Planned Assault to play Inside Job or Leave No Trace? Let's find out and perhaps make some money in the process.

Leave No Trace

Can be brutal against glacier decks running expensive ICE, or can be useless against rush decks. This sentence epitomizes why this card is included in the toolbox.

Mad Dash

Has a decent combo with Falsified Credentials, or can be played on a gut instinct to gain a credit with Ken and maybe an extra point.

Marathon and Aeneas Informant

I've grouped these together because if you get it set up against asset spam it's a ridiculous money making machine. Otherwise it's pretty bad. Still, never let it be said that I'm not doing my part to discourage asset heavy decks!

Planned Assault

The card that makes this entire deck possible! It's a good one, and is almost certainly better now that Diversion of Funds is out, as you ignore the additional click cost of the card.


This is here for the same reason it's in every deck, it lets you surprise the Corp by making a remote run out of nowhere. Combined with the fact it can be tutored with Planned Assault and gives Ken an extra credit means its right at home here.

Professional Contacts

The first iteration of this deck was poor and lacked card draw. This card patched that up.


Get the job done, but aren't great. Abagnale will be Amina, and Demara will be Tycoon in the next iteration.