Detective Akiko

Kairos 1

Akiko is super fun! It's an early deck draft, but I've been enjoying it a lot more than I expected too. The deck runs poor and is all about early aggression.

First thing I looked at was Mind's Eye with FTT, which is a pretty good time. Plus it means we get to play RNG key and correctly firing it is a very psychic detective thing to do.

Pysch Mike is great - in the mid to late game a deep dig on R&D with combinations of makers eye, turning wheel and Akiko nets between 4-7credits which keeps tempo chugging along.

Not sure about Tapwrm as the restricted slot, but if the corp spends a couple turns purging that's good news, and we need the creds.

I'm keen for any feedback or ideas from the community!

30 Jun 2018 PyWiz

You can probably can cut 2 RNG Key as they don't stack and you have SMC to go find it. On Tapwrm, I don't think you'll really have room for it as 3 of your breakers take 4 MU (assuming Laamb is one) and RNG Key fills the last MU. If you cut Tapwrm now you can run Film Critic (or whatever) and drop the Sac Cons for whatever other econ package you want.

1 Jul 2018 wedgeex

Had you considered Government Investigations as a current slot? Might be a little too on the nose but it does clear Scarcity of Resources (which affects your early game a great deal). If there was ever a deck that could utilize it, right?

1 Jul 2018 Kairos

@wedgeex Great feedback, thank you! Haha, I did look at Government Investigations. It's definitely fun & very good against scarcity, but I'm pretty happy if the corp spends 2. If only Government Investigations stopped both sides bidding 1...

@PyWizThanks! Yeah you're right, there are MU problems. Any suggestion for a better alternative econ package?

5 Jul 2018 captaindrift

@kairos why not have Indexing to team up with Mad Dash or Modded