Pancakes, Thunder, and a whole lot of blunder!

Hillsy 40

With 1 influence to spare for that hidden spice, this deck is my first step into old-school criminal, one pancake at a time!

This deck focuses on setting up with Adjusted Chronotype and Qianju PT to completely remove the downside of Liza's ID ability, and instead give you 2 free card draw each turn.

3x Paragon - This card is very strong, not as strong as Desperado for money but the scry 1 (to use a Magic term), which in tandem with Liza's ability is absolutely bonkers.
1x Caldera- Jinteki hate card.
1x Citadel Sanctuary - This can be used to remove the tag early on if you don't draw Qianju and can always beat the trace. It can also function as anti Boom! or HPT tech.
1x Hunting Grounds - Data Raven and Komainu will be issues as you will struggle to keep your hand size down with so much draw, and a mandatory tag when trying to run a server is a pain.
1x Lustig - The sentry breaker is up for debate, but with all the Surveyor around, this card has decent numbers against it up until 6+ ice, at which point it is more to break than it is to install + rez.

Restricted: 3x Señor Taps - If you're running anyway, why not put on more pressure? This card allows you to run early, and either pressure with even more econ, or force them to purge and give you even more time for setup. Win-win.

2 Jul 2018 PureFlight

Hot Pursuit has a motorcycle on it. Qianju PT has a motorcycle on it.

This just feels right, ya know?

6 Jul 2018 Bokonon

Whilst the Motorcycle synergy is nice, Hot Pursuit seems bad in this - you are running a central, then drawing 2 cards and taking two tags, only one of which is avoided - meaning you are still clearing one manually, or relying on citadel sanctuary, which given you have no link, could get pricy if the corp really wants you tagged.