The Godfather Part 4: Weylands Empire

LastSupperOverdrive 33

Mafia flavoured Bad Pub deck. Hope you practised your Marlon Brando for this one!

Get rich quickly and install some teribble ice. Alternate win conditions are meat damage through broad daylight and some rigshooter shenanigans.

Of course i couldn't stop myself from putting 'An offer you can't refuse' in. Haven't tested it yet. Feedback welcome!

P.S.: After running the deck i can safely say, that surveyor is not good in this deck. Traces with 8 bad pub just suck. On the other hand i broke my credit record with this deck (Ever gained 36 credits in a single action? Didn't think so). Also an offer you can't refuse actually worked, so thats nice.

3 Jul 2018 Sedj

Thematically, I feel like this needs an NGO front. Because every good syndicate needs a legitimate business front, right?

3 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

This deck name does give me an idea