TeachingCenter (Undefeated, 15-person GNK)

PureFlight 1036

I put a really good deck together, plus the deck name is a Key & Peele reference, AND I have three gifs. So hopefully I get some internet points.


Tempo Sports looks good on paper, and once you throw beloved teacher and rig uninstaller Amani Senai in the mix, things start getting really wild.


Team Sponsorship is one of my favorite cards, so I threw it in a deck because sportz. Then, I was at like 45 cards and I had 13 extra influence, so I started looking for installables I could bring back with TS that were also a lot of influence.

As soon as I realized I could sink Sportsmetal Credits into an Amani Trace, I was sold. And sure enough, this deck went undefeated in a 15-person GNK tonight. Hyperloop becomes a stupid swing of credits when you gain 5 and they have to pay 3 for the Senai trace.



You rush out early, leaving R&D undefended and hope they steal some points so you can get your econ up. Your late game scores come from:

Future Changes

Moving forward, this will need ways to combat Strike or Critic, although for now the Domestic Sleepers do okay. Possibly Scarcity, although Paywalls instead of Stock Buy-Back could be effective too.

I'm also lukewarm on the NEXT suite. I'm not sure Sapphire is good as a 3-of, but if I switched the NEXT ice out I'd need another high-cost target for Remote Enforcement.


6 Jul 2018 rwknoll

One might call this deck a...Shipment from ChiLo!

I’m here all week, folks.

6 Jul 2018 neuropantser

should definitely consider cutting 1x Giordano Field for 1x Hingle McCringleberry, that dude is unstoppable

8 Jul 2018 Myriad

Has Meridian been an issue? I love the card, but I often find that it occupies a flex slot, rather than a slot devoted to ice.

9 Jul 2018 koga

How has Fast Break been working out for you? I don't know how to value that card really

9 Jul 2018 PureFlight

@rwknoll yaaaaaaasss

@neuropantser You know who else has had a good season? Fudge. People just can't stop talking about Fudge!

@Myriad I only think it could be a problem if that's your only early game ice. If you jam behind it turn 1 or 2, either they pay 7 to bust out a Paperclip (and you get an ID trigger on steal), or they take -1 point to steal a 1- or 0-ptr, so they don't walk away with points, and you've gotten some serious tempo and fueled your Fast Breaks and Buy-Backs. I don't think it's a 3x because you don't really want to see it that consistently.

@Koga Yeah, Fast Break is a weird one. You obv don't play it when they have 0 or 1 agenda. 2 is not great value but can be situational if you want to jam something but don't have agendas. 3+ is great tempo and is probably worth playing click 1 in almost any circumstance. I'm rarely sad to see it.

12 Jul 2018 Gauss

Splashing an [[Archer]] can work in a deck with this agenda suite, too, if you can free up the influence.

Did you think about playing [[Divert Power]]? It can work great with some expensive ice, as well as your 3x [[Advanced Assembly Lines]]