Thrash Metal

Nemamiah 3576

Some people have asked me for this list, so in the spirit of openness I thought I'd publish it rather than sharing it round.

WARNING: this is a very early iteration so there are certainly improvements to be made here. The deck as a whole might not even be that good. It's pretty promising though.

This deck is built around a bunch of synergy that ideally let's you build a deep remote with multiple Surveyors on it as quickly as possible. Jinja obviously helps speed that up, but you can do it manually if you need to. The Sportsmetal ID ability is really strong and shouldn't be underestimated; you should usually use it to draw unless your hand is jammed or you really really need the econ.

I'm going to take a minute to talk about Gatekeeper, which sneakily might be the best card in R&R. Again, the card draw is good in this deck and you should save the rez for when either that effect or the end the run is most relevant.

The most dubious slots in this deck are the Memorial Fields, which are only in here to be tested and have done nothing so far. If they're bad replace them with more ice, more econ, Archived Memories or Biotic Labor. You can also try Fast Break or Game Changer if you like but I don't think those cards are great.

Other refinements to be made are the precise ice suite, the last couple of agendas (I'm looking at you, Ikawah) and how many of Stinson and Salvatore you should play.

Anyway, have fun, go forth and iterate!

4 Jul 2018 mcbeast

You forgot to namedrop some thrash bands >:(

4 Jul 2018 Nemamiah

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that I'm accepting suggestions for the name of this deck.

4 Jul 2018 kollapse

Well, there's the "Heavy Metal Hockey Stick" if you want to find inspiration for the title:

7 Jul 2018 zmb

Sorry, what is the current title a reference to again? Have you tried Divert Power to derez Gatekeeper and rez Fairchild 3.0 for cheap?

31 Jul 2018 Sixtyten

I’ve tried that with gatekeeper and adonis @zmb. It felt ok, but not amazing.