Underage Mindless Moon Boogie

InanimateLog 441

Gnat benefits from having very few cards in hand, so of course you play Duggar's. More specifically, you play Emptied Mind to gain an extra click, then dump all the cards with Severnius Stim Implant.

In the games I played I just about ran out of gas at the end of the game, so as much as it saddens me, I put a second Levy is in this list (-1 Supplier).

Let the power of jank flow through your veins.

Custom Emptied Mind alt art

5 Jul 2018 BlackCherries

Emptied Mind + Duggar's is probably also the only way to steal an Obokata Protocol for a Critic-less Gnat.

6 Jul 2018 taisun93

You could also pack an Imp for Obokatas

17 Jul 2018 Myldside

I just put together a variation of this deck with a couple of tweaks:

NRE is there alongside Ice Carver to help Cradle and Mimic deal with higher strength ICE if you don't have any sucker tokens. You could potentially have a 7-click turn between Temple, Emptied Mind, and Beth Kilrain-Chang. It seems pretty important to have at least 6 clicks so that after your Duggar's draw and Stim run, you can clear a tag or play a Guinea Pig if you left yourself with any cards.

Another player suggested Stim Dealer instead of Temple, and that could work too. Gaining clicks is better than storing them, and it fits the drug theme better.

Looking forward to trying it out!