N7 Smoke

Pinkwarrior 2208

For the netrunner that likes to run the net. two of each breaker for multiple reasons.

  1. Its cheaper to install from hand than use an SMC.

  2. Skorp exists.

  3. it's quicker to find breakers.

Paragon its like desparado but less influence and helps your draw

DJ Fenris for Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter get your stuff back its where id usually put Trope

Oracle May not sure about this one although she makes alot of money when Paragon is up a running she dose sit in hand alot if i haven't got the console and she costs influence where as Symmetrical Visage is useful all game and inf free. Have to experiment with this one some.

BlacKat seems pretty good atm since you tax Paperclip with subs and Laamb with Str 3, this straggles the line quite nicely.

Study Guide a really strong breaker when you can boost with recurring credits and you have at least one every turn which is ok 2 would be better ofc. study also gives you a breaker that doesn't need pumping late game this coupled with Gebrselassie means you can make runs with 2 breakers with little to know pumping.

everything else is pretty self explanatory really.