Architect Never Rotates (6-2, Tulsa Regional. 1st in Swiss)

Torch 9

I played this deck alongside my Adam list, find it here:

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future slut here! I miss my old ID, but luckily Haas-Bioroid: Hayley Kaplan is our Executive Manager Edition is incredibly fun to play!

I felt dirty all day playing this deck. I resolved Bryan Stinson against multiple people and can't wait to cut him from my deck. He may have done work all day, but when he doesn't work, this deck is bad. When he does work, it feels like you won because Bryan is overpowered, not because ASA Group is any good, not because you outplayed them, just because some crazy green man did a bunch of work for you.

Overall I feel like this deck is in a decent place. It often felt light on ICE considering that I love to make massive super servers. I went in mostly untested on Jinja City Grid. I spent about a day testing it out and decided it was good enough for the event, but now that I've done it, I think I'll go back to ASA builds that don't use the card. While it allows you to build incredible servers, I think one of the most powerful things about playing as the corp is deception and bluffing. Jinja drops those in exchange for raw power and taxation. Bryan pays for this absurdity. The deck works. It still has a massive weakness to Clan Vengance as most decks do, but playing smart can allow you come out on top. I'm going to try out a 54 card version of this deck using more SSL Endorsement because I believe that with 3x Ultraviolet Clearance and 3x Rashida Jaheem I shouldn't have any issues finding the cards I need to build my servers. Ultraviolet Clearance is the best card in the deck, especially when used for one click with Stinson.

Tournament results:

Vs. 419 This was my first time playing against this ID and I had to read a bunch of cards. It came down to the wire and a 1 out of 5 access on HQ twice. I got lucky and was able to fast advance out the last two points with Biotic Labor.

Vs. Reina Roja He was playing what I believe to be something similar to The Big Boy's Reina list. The deck did a ton of setup with heap breaker suite and huge link strength and credit drip. By the time he was done setting up he was dripping 6 creds per turn, but my "super server" of Loki, Fairchild 3.0 and Fairchild 3.0 again was enough to keep him out because he couldn't install the heap breaker on Loki at the top of the server. Rushed out.

Vs. Valencia A game against a fellow Top 8 player. He was playing the typical Clannark style with Val and I was able to avoid any lucky accesses and lock him out of the game. Thank goodness there was only one Clan Vengeance in that game!

Vs. 419 This game didn't turn out as lucky as the first one. Unfortunately after a mulligan I flooded hard and this game ended in under 6 turns.

Top 8:

Vs. Kim Hammer Man Lost heavily to Clan Vengeance. I'm not convinced that card is healthy for the Netrunner meta, however I don't want to detract from my opponent, he was a very skilled player.

Vs. ASA Group Lost to scoring out. Unfortunately a lack of good accesses and a Jinja super-server were enough to keep me out of a higher placement. Well played!

Overall I had an absolutely fantastic time at the tournament and look forward to my next regional and worlds this year!

I'll try to check back and answer any questions anyone has, so please feel free to ask away. This is my first time posting a decklist on NetrunnerDB, but by no means my first Regional top, I've been playing and topping events since 2014 at least.