Kidz Don't Play Wit' Too Many Knives (AINT 2018)

Algebraic 510

A silly deck I threw together for the Algebraic Invitational Netrunner Tournament playing with the new cards from Reign & Reverie. I wanted to see if non-resource economy was possible now using Patchwork. The rest of the deck's engine is lovingly borrowed from the Frantic Knife Throwing deck, which I've linked in the Derived From column if you want to see how the two compare. My idea was that Gnat's smaller deck size would make set up even faster.

The games on the day didn't go that well, getting murdered twice by Punitive and just winning against PE when the ID net damage would have flatlined me if it wasn't the 7th agenda point. I found that Gnat's ability fired approximately just over half the time although I'd be interested to know how others have been finding it. Calling the extra credit "danger money" against Jinteki was fun at least.

Patchwork did an amazing amount of work, even more than the high hopes I had for it. I'm excited to look for proper decks to slot that console. Guinea Pig was a lot more awkward than I expected though and you have to think carefully about including it rather than an auto 3x in Gnat. With 40 cards, if you're playing Guinea Pig then you want to play Levy but then it's hard to keep the Levy safe until you want to play it in a cyclic state of affairs. You can add Same Old Thing like I had here but then that's a large chunk of your streamlined deck.