Bronze Age Collapse

Frost 498

Spark's power is in the early game, taxing the runner's clicks — therefore, the obvious conclusion is to rush hard and score agendas behind gearcheck ice.

If the runner develops their board state enough to be able to contest your remotes, send them back to the stone age with Economic Warfare + Hard-Hitting News.

Once the runner's tagged and broke, they have two options: laboriously click for credits and clear tags — if they do this, you have a multi-turn scoring window, ripe for scoring big agendas — or if they go tag me, your tag punishment leaves them broke and rig-less.

Market Forces is the sleeper card people missed out on (well, up until Fly on the Wall was released, anyway). In decks which aim to tag the runner with Hard-Hitting News, the runner is either broke with few tags due to clearing them, or they keep their four tags and just go tag-me — at which point Closed Accounts and Market Forces will both clear out the runner's account unless they are tremendously rich, at which point... how did they end up tagged?

The late game with this deck is a bit of a grind. You should ideally be able to rush your way up to 5 points by using GFIs and Big Beales, and then start playing Beale or No Beale and start putting something in your scoring remote each turn.

Why no Scarcity of Resources? The deck leaks agendas like crazy. You want to devote much of your gearcheck ice to your scoring remote, and the rest are either ruses like Pop-up Window or porous like Turnpike.

With Reign & Reverie, Fly on the Wall could mean changing tack and going back to Closed Accounts due to their very strong interaction. It could be difficult to pull off, though — the time when the runner's accounts are the most juicy are when the runner can get into the server. Only testing will tell!