Absotively 1009

I started with RotomAppliance's Scamshop, plus the changes they recommended in the comments there. I did some testing/practice, which went badly. I made some changes, did more testing/practice, and took it to the Edmonton 2018 Regionals, which also went badly. I won one game in four rounds of Swiss, and that on time.

But that was probably at least as much me as the deck, so maybe try this anyways, I guess? There was at least one game that I might have won if I hadn't mathed wrong.

Hot Pursuit + Citadel Sanctuary + Power Taps + a bunch of link is pretty great. I do definitely recommend that part. nuSiphon is also great, at least when you get it early.

10 Jul 2018 RepoRogue

After I saw Scamshop win Euros I decided to try building and testing my own Nexus 419 for a post-Kampala Regionals. Ultimately ended up running a lot of similar stuff, but one of my first changes was to ditch Film Critic for 3 E-Strikes. E-Strike is so good and vital right now that basically every deck should be running them.

Here's my version with a long writeup: