Worlds Winning Sunny

SimonMoon 2139

My core deckbuilding Philosophy? Play good cards. This deck? FULL OF THE BEST CARDS.

The genesis of this deck was noted skilled Netrunner player @Josh01 saying that he wanted to Splash for Divide and Conquer and Guinea Pig in everything because they were the best new cards in the pack. Since Josh is only good at Netrunner and never makes decks, I decided to make a deck myself. However, I read the influence on these cards and oh wow did that create an issue. But wait, SUNNY HAS 25 INFLUENCE! AND HAS SICK BLACK HAT COMBOS WITH DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Its a 5 credit 2 click double for Makers Eye and Legwork at the same time! BUSTED.

Obviously maxing on Turning Wheel for the rest of the influence to maximize D&C SYNERGY. DJ Fenris lets you get an ID ability like Steve and is one of the BEST new cards alongside OFFICE SUPPLIES.

First Sunny deck I've ever built and gotta say ZERO and CV better move aside cuz we got a clear NEW WORLDS FRONTRUNNER.

10 Jul 2018 Sanjay

No Rabbit Holes = Good Sunny deck

It's that simple.

10 Jul 2018 spags

CAPS LOCK INTERN = Kenneth confirmed.

10 Jul 2018 RepoRogue

What, no Rebirth?

11 Jul 2018 Shiiuga

DJ Fenris is Rebirth for cowards who have no conviction.

11 Jul 2018 josh01

please take this down.

11 Jul 2018 ctz

I'm not sure if I like this deck or networking whizzard more

12 Jul 2018 neuropantser

you can't just spill tech this hot in #general, save some for the illuminati

16 Jul 2018 d1en

As a Sunny enthusiast this is wrong.

19 Jul 2018 Vortilion

I don’t understand the TW & DC synergy. So TW gives you one access more for one DC... what’s the big deal?

21 Jul 2018 Landsavage

@Vortilion turning wheel is just one more booster to Black Hat and DC. Even then turning wheel is a big deal with DC alone, your still doubling the amount of cards you access by hitting archives, that's pretty powerful, adding in Black Hat just adds even more ammo.

25 Jul 2018 Vortilion

This deck is so incredibly slow... No chance against most other corps...

27 Jul 2018 Vortilion

I would get rid of Guinea Pig, in my eyes this card alsmost never works. I only draw it when I cant afford to loose the other cards in my hand...