Gangster AF

MNscooter 8

I'm a lead farmer, mother******!

In all seriousness, this hasn't been tested against too many decks, at this point. It has yet to win by scoring out, but it's been pretty easy to flatline the runner. With a boatload of cash and some beefy ice, you should be able to score out one 3 pointer fairly safely before the runner can get set up. Ideally, you can let the runner do some of the work for you, and you can SEA Source Exchange a Hostile for a 3 pointer they stole to close out the game. That's the thought, at least.

Between Rashida and Illegal Arms Factories, this deck moves fast and you'll be flooding yourself, so Attitude Adjustment is here to save clicks if you see too many agendas before you have a window to score. Since you're rushing to score out, there are many ways the runner can get blown up, if they get too reckless. You have a lot of tools. Consulting Visits to fetch the ones you need, when you need them.

Any advice or additional ideas are welcome. I've thought about adding a Standoff for additional EOI fodder, if you lose a couple Hostiles, but I'm not sure that it's necessary. Further testing is definitely needed.

Supermodernism rush decks have been my favorite form of Corp deck throughout Netrunner. Fast and loose. Win hard or lose hard, but either way things are going to get crazy.

Side note: Throwing a Formicary in front of a City Works Project as a surprise pseudo-Mti move is pretty humorous.