New Smoke for a New Age

CWoodward 34

With some glacier style decks coming back, I wanted to try my hand at an updated version of Best Girl as R&R has a lot of fun cards.


Fairly straight forward. I want to make value runs as I don't expect to run more than once a turn. As such, there should be some kind of run event to always helps out. Interdiction is there as both a counter-SoR card and as to stop the rogue Ash or Bio Vault from stopping us.


I really like Paragon. The credit is nice and the deck deck manipulation is great to accelerate Smoke. Side benefit, unless you are facing PU, your stack is a safe place to stash that extra Net Mercur. Gebrselassie is there to help against the double Seidr Adaptive Barrier that otherwise kills against Smoke. However, this can help against other strats like double Surveyor and the like.


I have seen some decks running with Laamb but I that breaker is too expensive for Smoke. I decided to go with a classic breaker suite. Unfortunately, without Sacrificial Constructs the whole rig is a bit fragile. This is something that might need to be added in with some further testing.

Cloak, SMC, and Misdirection are typical includes. I wanted a single Kyuban to help out with those value runs and allow for a better maths. As a single, this is unlikely to be removed by the corp swapping out ICE, especially if you can manage to stick it to that big ICE you're dealing with anyway.


Plenty of good stuff here. ProCo is there to aid in click efficiency. Critic helps against a lot of deck styles, especially with Obokata or any of the score/stolen agendas in HB. Miss Bones is there to aid against the asset spam match-up. She is amazing return on investment to trash those high cost assets. Psych Mike I wanted to include to make the best use of TTW and Maker's Eye. As I said, I expect to run once a turn, so she helps with bouncing back on hard run. DJ Fenris is there to fix what ails ya. Your mileage may vary but with it, your best bets are likely Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter, Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter, or Quetzal: Free Spirit if your Clippy gets taken out.

11 Jul 2018 PyWiz

IMO, ProCo is a 0 or 3 card. It's so much better early than late that having an extra dead draw is going to be made up by the increased click efficiency. Net Mercur is a little different, but I always like 3 to make sure I don't waste time searching for it (and as a backup if it gets trashed somehow).

Paragon seems sweet.

Reclaim could maybe be an option as a 1-2 of to get back breakers, etc. if they get trashed or damaged out of hand. Sometimes getting back an SMC with it to find a breaker is pretty useful as well.