Chronos Protocol, HB

CWoodward 34

Possibly replace Kill Switch for Defective Brainchips.

With official support for ANR ending and casual events having to become the norm, I wanted to play with an ID never officially printed: Chronos Protocol, HB.

For those who don't know the ID effect it is:

"Whenever the Runner trashes a card for brain damage, he or she removes all copies of that card from the game (installed, in the heap, stack, or grip). The Runner shuffles his or her stack."

This one card makes brain damage an inconvenience into a serious threat. With the little play I have done so far, the runner is constantly having to judge their hand to see what is at risk of being fully RFG'd. This threat fully revamps cards like Black Level Clearance and Riot Suppression into being bad or worse decisions for the runner, especially since the idea removes cards in play as well.

As such, I wanted to fully utilize the ID. I have found it can really only fire 2-3 per game before additional damage is avoided, so I want to capitalize on that fact.


I wanted a suite that allows me to keep up tempo. SSL and Hyperloop are great for this. A single Ikawah is great fun to see the NAPD face/grab.


This build is focused on solid assets that the runner is encouraged to trash. This means for me that I either get to fire a solid effect ( like Rashida) or turn on my Riot Suppression to hurt the runner the following turn, likely opening up a scoring window.


Focusing on money and scoring. The biotics are there often to get my last few points. I am considering changing out Kill Switch for Defective Brainchips but that is a change that will need further testing to see which deals out more pain.


My ICE is PRICEY! Nothing too spicy is here. I just want the runner to stop and/or be in pain.


This is where the deck really comes alive. BLC is a hard pick your poison deal for the runner. I have found this one upgrade really pushes the runner to second guess their runs. Batty is there to either etr or do a brain off of FC3/Ichi. Tempus is there to play some mind games with the runner when I load up my scoring remote. Same with Daruma; this is a recent change that I haven't tested yet but the dream is to sneak in an agenda, making the runner believe it is a trap. This may need to change in the future.