It's Always Sunny in GlobalSec v5.0

Riccardo 27

An amalgamation of many ideas brought together in one Sunny deck.

  • Divide and Conquer + Black Hat / The Turning Wheel - The new hotness from R&R, it works very well with Sunny.

  • Datasucker + Tank Breakers - Makes the break cost on some of the more common ice more manageable.

  • Corporate Defector + Globalsec Security Clearance + White Hat - Gives you perfect information as to whats going on in the corps hand (and the top of R&D.)

  • Rogue Trading + Citadel Sanctuary - I really like the money package, plays really well with what Sunny likes to do.

  • DJ Fenris - I almost always choose Steve Cambridge to extract more value out of my already powerful cards. Gives another point of attack the corp has to concern themselves with too.

  • Security Nexus - It sucks not having a way to "cheat" it into play for cheaper, but it is just so powerful of an effect.

  • Office Supplies - Another R&R gem, exactly what Sunny need. I will happily pay 2 (at the worst of times) to draw 4 cards. Ohh, and there is a money mode too.