Infinity War

TheInstigator 52

Warning: this is an extremely Johnny and Timmy style combo deck. Spikes need not apply.

You vs your opponent. Note: You are Thanos.

Inspired by itsbigfoot's Infinity Loops

I saw the Infinity Loops deck and I though "why should the runner have all of the fun of infinite* moneys?" This deck is the result. Besides the inclusion of Tycoon, the biggest change I made was that I wanted to use Magnum Opus to back the necessarily huge economic requirements. All of the other changes to the deck fell into place based on that one single choice. Apparently, it DOES cost money to make money! Because of the Bookmarks and Hyperdrivers, your opponent might think they are playing against a degenerate combo deck. They are right.

Example combo turn:

20 to 30 credits

9 Memory Units available (Dhegdheers count as 1 each.)

2 Hyperdrivers installed

System Seizure Bookmarked / in hand

Compile Bookmarked / in hand

Click 1 Install Baba Yaga (5 or 7 w/ SMC)

Click 2 Install Faerie hosted on Baba (0 or 2 w/ SMC)

Click 3 Install Tycoon (hosting on Baba is option) (1 or 3 w/ SMC)

Clicks 4, 5, and 6 Install Kyuban on the outermost ice in a double iced server (0)

Clicks 7 and 8 Install Egrets on the two outermost ice on that server (2 or 3 or 4, depending). The hardest part of the game might be getting the corp to rez these pieces of ICE prior to the combo turn.

Click 9 Play System Seizure

Click 10 Compile the server, Installing on Surfer encounter (2 or 4 w/ SMC)

Note: Trash Magnum Opus with one of these installs. Trust me, you won't miss it when it's gone.

When you hit the Egreted and Kyubaned ICE, boost up to strength and break the subs with Baba Yaga and Faerie. Pass the ice and collect 6 credits. Now you are encountering the next Egreted ICE. Use Surfer to move this piece of ICE one place backwards and break the ICE for free. Now you are encountering the first piece of ICE again. Use Surfer to move this back to the original position and break it for free, collecting 6 credits. This is a loop that you can repeat an infinite* number of times and gain 2 credits each loop.

Pretty much none of that is new from Infinity Loops. However, the next part is. You keep doing the same loop an infinite* number of times except now you use Tycoon to break the ice, netting your opponent 4 credits for every loop.

If all goes according to plan, then both you and your opponent will have infinite* credits! Of course, there is a disparity between the runner and the corp when money is of no object, mainly because the corp can't actually keep a runner out of any server ever again (I know I'm wrong, leave creative examples in the comments). To quote my opponent, "I feel like my infinity is smaller than your infinity. I think I got jipped an infinity." In order to correct this disparity, he then played a Hedge Fund with a straight face.

Traces are not a problem. Just make sure that your infinity* is bigger than their infinity* (thanks calculus!) so that you can always beat the trace.

Mild problems include IP Block, Data Raven, Data Ward, and Thoth. Mitigate the tags with Misdirection.

Large problems include Kakugo, Tollbooth, Swordsman, and (possibly) Chiyashi.

Huge problems include Closed Accounts and Universal Connectivity Fee, which will ruin your whole year if they bankrupt your infinite* credits. Oh, and any Corp that isn't as slow as molasses is kind of a big problem too.

Thanks for reading!

*Arbitrarily large amount

12 Jul 2018 Jure

Pack your stuff guys, the game is solved.

13 Jul 2018 rex_monolith

Sandburg might produce some interesting arguments !!

14 Jul 2018 gmabey

If there was ever a deck for Push Your Luck, this is it.

17 Jul 2018 TheInstigator

@gmabey is ∞ an odd or an even number?

31 Jul 2018 Sutlomatsch

@TheInstigator yes.