Benjen 701

How best to capitalize on that pesky tag Liza takes? Obelus.

You can pretty quickly get your hand size up to 14 or 15 at which point you are impervious to net damage and punitive counterstrike and have an answer for just about every problem you might face.

You basically just play crazy aggressive with whatever cards you have available to you.

At this point, the deck is in the "proof of concept" phase. I've played several games with it and done very well, but it could still use some ironing out.

Other Options:

Counter Surveillance could definitely work and I might be convinced of it. I would just include one as I really want three obelus. If you want it, cut the employee strikes and then find some more events or a couple Tapwrm.

Stimhack instead of Utopia Shard. Very reasonable. Utopia Shard and Embezzle are there to save your ass from High Profile Target and Exchange of Information.

The breakers could be switched. I like Amina and Femme Fatale but could go with a third Aumakua instead of Tycoon.

Emergency Shutdown could easily be a Maxwell James but the ICE on centrals is also fun to derez.


The biggest problem this deck will face is High Profile Target. I originally had some protection in the form of Paparazzi, Fall Guy, and Wireless Net Pavilion but I decided that using 6-9 card slots to tech against a single card was not worth it. Just go hard and win before they kill you.

Taggy things like Closed Accounts, Self-Growth Program, EoI, and Psychographics. Again, use Embezzle and Utopia to hit them out of HQ.

I'm definitely looking to improve this deck and welcome feedback. It's been really fun to play.

15 Jul 2018 Vortilion

Awesome deck. I modified it though to use Tapwrm 2x and Counter Surveillance. So far unbeaten on Jinteki.net!

15 Jul 2018 Benjen

@Vortilion I did the same thing. I also put in a Paper tripping as a last ditch safety valve.

Glad you are having success with it!

16 Jul 2018 synergistic

Really enjoyed playing this! I'm wondering how viable it is against Mti without employee strike. Did you cut employee strike to make room for Counter Surveillance?

16 Jul 2018 Benjen

@synergistic That's up to you. I haven't actually played against Mti so if you anticipate that being a large part of the field, do it.

If you are really worried about them, just spearphish for days since you will always jump over the ice they install and the one right before it.