A Lesson in Scamming (3-1 AZ Regional, 2nd after Swiss)

Veste 418

This is my updated version of Scamshop from Euros. I am an Anarch at heart, but have been trying to move away from the Clan Vengeance meta, and I have always had a place in my heart for Criminal, and now felt like the time. The best part is top two after swiss were both Criminals!


I made this deck a bit faster fitting in the Build Scripts. It feels good, I also moved away from Earthrise because this deck does work in keeping the corp poor. I went all in on 3 Corporates to help aid that - and it also feels really good - so enter the replacement, the educator Mr. Fisk. This card has been amazing in testing, and did probably cause my only loss of the day - but I still stand behind it being the right choice in the right situations (i.e. when the corp has 3 credits or less and 4 or more cards).

I needed Critic to be seen faster so I dumped The Source as part of that change and then the scripts fit right in as well.

Diversion is an easy include, it does what you want it to even if they rez and you can't get in, just make them spend money, because the poorer they are the more information you're going to get from your ability, and the easier your life is every time you run or fire a trace.

Cortez and a second Max aid in that end goal. Drive By just is a better Falsified in most situations, especially if they get tricky with advancing something NGO.

I don't think I installed Femme or Amina all day, but I have, and they are useful, and warrant spots I think... I'm hesitant because I would say they both do their job, and you make enough money to install them, but often just Nexus and/or Turtle are enough.


On the day I beat Saraswati, CtM, and Azmari.

Lost to a Biotech - I think they had probably the best opener known to man. After the auto-draw they used Celebrity Gift to show me IPO, Mushin, Project JuneBug, Miraju, and another trap card I can't remember. Last click they used IPO. The hand I kept included a Fisk and some other utility cards I needed (Power Tap, Citadel, Nexus). I Fisk and proceed to see nothing immediately helpful and Gamble and start setting up. Next turn he Mushins a card, pays to stop me seeing (he's rich remember) and then installs a card over R&D. Next turn I draw and am still seeing nothing (trying to find Caldera or Film Critic expecting the Obokata) so I continue to setup. Next turn he Mushins another card, installs another piece of ICE, and uses Hedge Fund.

I continue to draw and try to find a key piece but also use econ as it comes. Next turn he scores an Obokata out of the original server. Okay. I continue to strike out my turn, and I don't have a real way to run without risking anything, but I figure I have at least a few more turns. Next turn he scores the second Mushin, it's a Vanity. GG.

This is the example of Fisk actually biting me, I fed him agendas and another Mushin in some order, and he used the knowledge I had against me, well played :-)