deleriad 104

Time to get your game on.

This hasn't quite worked yet but it feels like it might be getting there. The basic premise is that the runner can usually pay to get in but the cost-reward balance is weighted in the corp's favour. GFI because you have to have a hot-dog concession or two.

Your agenda split gives you some play against Turntable and Bifrost Array is an extra 2 copies of your favourite agenda. At some point, the runner will probably trash your remote at which point Director Haas can build a new one out of the remains. The Future is Now can find you an Arella or a Game Changer or just another agenda for Arella if you're on a roll. NGO can bait a run against a panicking runner and pay you for it.

The general idea is to stick Meridians and sapphires on centrals while you build a remote. If you get flooded early score some and let the runner take the rest for some lovely tempo. In the meantime make some money from your campaigns, get your end game ready then go for it.

The ICE mix is designed to be cheap and taxing. Archer's the best ICE in the game right now (provided you can hard ICE HQ while Maxy's around). Thimblerig lets you reposition your ICE. Gatekeeper is better than an Enigma in all circumstances except one - a purged turtle.

Game Changer can close out the game with a GFI after a stock buy-back.

That all said, I suspect the best way to play this ID is like a normal HB ID with a bit of tempo.