ScamShop (First place SoCal Regionals 2018)

tzeentchling 484


Won first place at the Southern California Regional Championships, losing only once on the day. It's a fairly standard 419 Nexus-PowerTap list (hence the name, despite having no Shops) with a few spicy includes. Notoriety went in when I found myself with a single extra influence, and was included as a way to deal with the all-3-pointer Azmari decks. Turned out to be right against the Argus deck I faced in the final round too. Hot Pursuit was the only card from R&R that I included, and after playing it here I'm pretty lukewarm on it in this deck. No One Home was crucial in fighting off HHN traces, or at least forcing them to sink more credits than they wanted into it. The one-of Inside Job would sometimes catch opponents off-guard, or at least get me past a big ice.

Only loss during the tournament was to a combo/rush SportsMetal deck when I couldn't find an Aumakua in the first 20 cards. To be fair, I was also caught off guard when he rezzed a Malia Z0L0K4 to blank my Citadel Sanctuary, after I had used Rogue Trading and played a fresh Earthrise Hotel. The subsequent loss of tempo doomed me in that game.