Tempo CTM (First place SoCal Regionals 2018)

tzeentchling 890

Deck that won the Southern California 2018 Regionals, with one loss on the day. Malia Z0L0k4 is silly good. Blanked a Maxwell James to keep a player out of a remote just long enough for me to score the winning agenda, and blanked a Same Old Thing to force my opponent to use Shadow Net instead for his Levy.

Loss was to a tag-me Counter-Surveillance Liza, where I missed a few different winning lines. The ice is all really bad against runners who tag themselves and have money easily accessible using run/program based economy, with the exception of Resistor, and I at one point DBS'd the Psychographics in favor of said ice. In retrospect, this was playing not to lose rather than playing to win and was totally the wrong decision.

I actually modified this myself from the America-CTM deck by FoilFlaws, but apparently I missed that the exact same changes were made already in this deck: (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/50855/rashest-decisions-atl-regional-).