ScrappySPJ 344

I threw this deck together for a joke and took it along to our weekly event where it easily went 3-0 against some not Tier 1 runner decks. Obviously that's not a significant result but the deck felt strong and maybe with more serious testing a more refined version of this idea could be developed?

This list started out as a more traditional Moons w/Lakshmi list but there wasn't room for all the Agendas I wanted to play, the Lakshmis and the combo cards, so I just decided to concentrate on the combo and playing as many useful 3/1 agendas as possible to support it. Hence the list being a load of 3x with the one cut being the third Game Changer as it does nothing early and is expensive. I decided to try Gatekeeper because it's new, but maybe Enigma would be better.

In case it's not obvious the combo is having a remote server with a Breaker Bay City Grid and Arella, a Team Sponsorship in play and a Calibration Testing either in the scoring remote or HQ/archives. You score a 3/1 Agenda in the remote, using Arella to install another Agenda and Team Sponsorship to return the Calibration Testing. Now you just need one click to advance and score that Agenda, and repeat.

With two Team Sponsorship and two Calibration Testing (perhaps found with The Future is Now) it's trivial to win in one turn as you can use The Future is Now to just search for more copies of itself and then use Bifrost Array as further copies.

18 Jul 2018 Quarg

Just took this out for a spin on JNet and had a blast.

Even not pulling off a big combo, this is able to do nonsense like scoring 2 agendas in the same turn, or using money from scoring to then play Game Changer.

I expect it will fall apart quite easily, but it was very fun to play.

18 Jul 2018 ScrappySPJ

After playing this some more and chatting with Quarg I'm swapping the Gatekeepers for Enigma.

20 Jul 2018 CelestialSpark

I run pretty much the same deck except with 3x Fast Break, 3x Game Changer, 2x Restore, and 2x Archived Memories instead of any ice or Jeeves/Rashida. Ice is not particularly useful since you can literally just Moon + Game Changer out everything you need to win in one turn before the runner even has a chance to see the key cards. Restore gets you Arella back in one click, Archived Memories allows you to toss out Game Changer early/have it trashed and then still play all three in one turn later.

Jeeves and Rashida are poor choices for a deck that wants to go infinite (2x Calibration Testing, 2x Team Sponsorship, 1x Arella scores 3-advancement agendas in 0 clicks). Jeeves just gives you one click back per turn tops, and Rashida is a vulnerable start-of-turn effect.

If you're playing TeamSportsMoon optimally, you can literally score out in one turn from a completely blank board by just drawing 20+ cards with Moon/Fast Break and installing the pieces you need to go infinite listed above.