A Meme Rebooted

North 138

An idea that may (or many not) function, but I have confidence (in that it needs a lot testing and it is, ultimately, still Apex) that it (might) do something (briefly, before the Corp scores out and wins).

Basically, using influence to dump programs with Inject and potentially discard resources from over-drawing. Then Rebooting to either Assimilate things out, or just straight up use them as food.

Consume I wouldn't expect to be massive money generation, but centrals can be relatively weak right now with NGO fronts and Rashidas, which are more vulnerable under Interdiction. The odd ICE trash from Prey would also feed some credits back I guess. Also could at some point Reboot into Prey to trash a strength 5 ice...just because you could.

Will update if I ever actually play and test this.

UPDATE; It's the runner equivalent of asset spam. Except there's more. And they're all face down. And the Corp's won.

In no surprising news, Apex is still a meme.

19 Jul 2018 branimated

Inject is neat, since you're Reboot + Assimilating your breakers anyway.

Reading that sentence reminds me that this list is apex/apex.

I threw together a version that runs Career Fair and Amina. Amina at least seems pretty neat.

19 Jul 2018 North

@cybersage Yeah, that was the thought - Inject being "faster" than Chop Bot for getting through the deck at least. But it's Apex, so who knows.

28 Jul 2018 PeterCapObvious

I really like the idea of Inject in Apex, I will be trying an altered version of this on Tuesday I will post the decklist if it works well :)