Go. Fight. Win!

Benjen 701

Here's a fair Sportsmetal deck I've been having lots of success with.

Score lots of agendas, let the runner steal lots of agendas. Close out the game with Game Changer and Giordano Memorial Field.

The field is crazy. On the off chance that they have enough to make a successful run, they rarely have enough to trash it.

Amani is great for setting the runner back.

Fast Break has been useful sometimes. I think it could be cut but there have definitely been games where I just needed something RIGHT NOW and it was really helpful.

Enforcer 1.0 is more for fun. Could definitely be something else.

Gatekeeper is great. I had it fire 3 times on rez in a recent game.

Generally, you feel poor for a while and possibly even like you are way behind. Then suddenly you aren't. Suddenly you have tons of momentum and feel like the game is within your grasp. Then you play Game Changer for a million clicks and score a Global Food Initiative from hand and still have 3 clicks to spare for your Domestic Sleepers. Part of me thinks this is what the ID was intended to feel like.

Go! Fight! Win!