DJ Jesminder's Fan Site 3-1 Melbourne Regional

Smattc 455

This is a deck half stolen half created and perfected by Lyncha. I was struggling to play a running criminal but i was determined to do it so he suggested playing green criminal.

This Jesminder destroys Weyland Decks. Is a fair chance against MTI. It beat 2 MTI on the day and lost to Miles who came second overall.

I didn't use compile the entire day. i have in testing though so its worth keeping. Thinking of making it careful planning. DJ never came in handy. You cant run willy nilly against MTI so not much i could change into that was useful. If i had my time again i might change it for a turntable.

Great day, i won some crucial side games including an epic against the eventual winner. My CTM let me down but i did play 1st and 2nd in swiss.... so i guess 10th wasn't to bad.