Freedom Through Piracy - First and undefeated at Turin regio

Saan 2795

If this looks kinda like the list that @Ar00nDELL just posted, it's because it is! I ripped if off wholesale and took it to Turin, where it brought the house down, dropping zero games. I'm mainly posting this for Always Be, but thought I'd talk about it a little anyhow.

First, Reclaim is fantastic. Anything that gets more Crocks and Hooks while paying you for them is a great card, imo. Second, Freedom is a great inclusion, and absolutely won me a game. I guess if you had to cut a card, 2nd reclaim isn't really needed, but I came into this game playing 46 card Shaper (RIP PrePaid Kate), and god damn it I'll go out doing the same.

Anyhow, this deck went undefeated, winning 2 games in the swiss (I had a bye and ID'd 4th round), 1 game we played anyhow on the fourth round, and two games in the cut. It won vs Sportsmetal with TS, Jeeves, and Arella, Murder Gagarin, Skorpios, and then that damned Gagarin deck two more times in the cut. I'd never have pegged this deck as having a good Gagarin matchup, but I won all 3 games convincingly, so what the hell do I know.

Thanks to everyone I played, and to the Netrunner community at large. This was the last official Regionals tournament I can attend, so it was great going out completely undefeated with both decks. Shaper and Weyland for life, baby.

23 Jul 2018 phette23

No room (or need?) for Psych Mike?

Congrats on the win!!

20 Oct 2018 Saan

No need, really. You could drop a Reclaim or something, but the money does just fine, imo.