Swappy Boiz (2nd Melbourne Regionals)

SneakdoorMelb 693

This is a hybrid of Thimble Mimble (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51260/thimble-mimble-1st-ish-halmstad-regionals-) and Miracle Grow (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51146/miracle-grow-top-8-cambridge-regionals). It's a pretty straightforward Mti deck that aims to score a Nisei or CST early, then pivot that into building your super duper ultimate doom remote. The Mti ability is great for building the super duper remote, as well as putting THE FEAR into the Runner early even if everything in your hand is garbage.

Notable card choices:

2x Global Food Initiative and 3x Corporate Sales Team: I really don't like letting the Runner steal a 3 pointer, even if they have to take damage or play psi games or let you have 9 credits. As long as they have to score more times than I do, I'm happy. This was absolutely the right choice on the day - it's great winning and seeing 2 CST's and a GFI in your opponent's score area.

1x Bryan Stinson: This guy turns games around like nobody's business. Directly won me 2 games on the day. One game he let me build a remote with two strength 14 Surveyors. My opponent was on Pirate Geist so it didn't matter, but it sure was neat.

2x Code Replicator and Mumbad City Grid: We played without the various rulings on these and Thimblerig (ie letting you move the Runner to different servers) but these were still awesome. Mumbad City Grid and Surveyor is just filthy - often your remote ends up costing 27+ to break with MKUltra. Code Replicator over Batty because I didn't want to play psi games, and the prospect of re-encountering a big Surveyor often either ends the run or puts them into Stinson range.

1x Attitude Adjustment: Saved me from Vengeance one game, sat in my hand a lot the rest of the time.

2x Celebrity Gift: As opposed to 3, because a hand of 3 agendas and a Gift is one of the worse feelings you can have as Corp.

2x IP Block: 3 Thimblerig makes this pretty weak to early Turtle. These help.

3x Thimblerig: This card is so good. A lot of the time it's a Quandary, but then you can move it around to put your gross ice on the outside of servers so they can't build Turning Wheel counters, or pull taxing ice out of your scoring server to centrals because you just need one Surveyor thanks to MCG. Highlight was swapping one of these down my scoring remote to force someone to repeatedly break with Black Orchestra, with the end result that a single 2 cost, 0 strength code gate cost them around 24 credits to break over 2 runs, giving me the game.

2x Cortex Lock: Sometimes you just gotta give them the FEAR.

1x Sand Storm: Because sometimes it's a Nisei counter!

I went 5-1 with this deck over the course of the event, losing to Pirate Geist (which is a complete nightmare matchup) and beating MaxX, Jesminder and 2 Vals. All of the Anarchs were on Vengeance and the Vals were on Strike, but scoring agendas and hitting Stinson pulled me through. Attitude Adjustment saved my bacon in the MaxX game. I'd give some match reports, but after the Geist in round 1 all the matchups were basically me getting into a situation that felt unwinnable, then pulling myself out by making an insanely oppressive remote, sometimes hitting Stinson and exploiting Nisei counters. Highlights included: Dave somehow whiffing completely on 2 Indexings, then us both dropping to 2 credits contesting an agenda before I Stinsoned to the moon; the aforementioned forcing Ryan through a Thimblerig with Black Orchestra far too many times; and repeatedly being much too polite about asking for Vengeance activations at the worst possible time. My Corp games in the cut were some of the most fun and intense Netrunner I've ever played - great games all round!

The deck is very resilient and capable of very strong lines, as well as being an absolute blast to play! Rob also took this and finished in the top 8, with -1 MCG + 1 Bio Vault. If you like Jinteki glacier, give this a crack - it's super solid.