Tapped Tycoon

Pinkwarrior 2331

The deck is built around tapping into the corps econ using Tapwrm with Sacrificial Construct and Steve's ID to keep them going your going to either get alot of money or slow them down immensely and since corps have sooooo much money right now and are so fast this deck actually dose really well.

PAD Tap requires alot of effort to get going but can give alot of money, Fall Guy are here to help keep them up and Tycoon allows you to get paid for breaking barriers nice. The corp gets paid 2 but your gonna get that money back 2 fold later with Tapwrm anyway.

The Source to slow the corp down and deal with FA since we already have the Fall Guy's.

Amina is a good but expensive to install breaker but also gose along way into negating the amount of cash the corp actually gets from Tycoon.

Beth Kilrain-Chang for extra clicks when the corp is rich.

Paragon to make runs more valuable and sift through your deck.

25 Jul 2018 Nimo

Just want to ask wether I get this right: Tycoon is considered a card ability and thus interacts with PAD Trap, right?

25 Jul 2018 Pinkwarrior

@Nimothat's correct.