Everlasting Diversion of Funds

ransomman 314

This deck uses the Stove-Tied Aesop Steve shell and turns into an engine that enables endless Diversion of Funds.

Aesop trashes Spy Cameras or Caches or whatever and District 99 gets counters. Then, you can play Diversion of Funds every 3 turns... likely more with steve and natural diversions in hand!

Try it out!

26 Jul 2018 x3r0h0ur

Its hilarious that the original deck was just called stove, and the tied part came from the deck's finish (Tied for first). It has taken on a life of its own though lol

26 Jul 2018 ransomman

@x3r0h0ur dang I should have taken it a step further and called it Stove-Tied-Forever or something!

26 Jul 2018 lukifer

Cool deck! Maybe time to start slotting 2x Crisium again ;)

26 Jul 2018 yojimbosteel

You get 2 Diversions every 3 or your turns if you're using Spy Camera on the corp's turn ;)