[Modded] Knob CT

JDC_Wolfpack 111

Just a list I played with success at my FLGS's June/July modded league beating out 2x Azmari and 1x Sports Metal. It was heavily inspired by @ff0X's "The Colours of Disease" and modified to fit the format. It was largely teched for the Azmari match up since I think it's hands down the best deck in the format, but it did well against the Sports Metal rush list I played against. Being able to pick off most of the ice I saw with Knob/Imp helped a lot.

My league also deemed R&R legal for Modded play, but if yours doesn't this list still works really well. The only card you really miss is Ika since Psych Mike is a flex slot. Since it's modded there's a decent amount of flex slots. When building a deck you often get to a point where you just have to put cards in to fill out your list. Thankfully CT means you get 5 less filler cards, which turns out to be really good. Here's a few thoughts on some of the card selection.

Infiltration: I took this because I didn't have influence for Falsified Credentials, and Azmari is a big threat in the meta. You definitely can't afford to run every double advanced card, so having a bit of information helps.

Cyberdelia: It's fine. It's a decent Modded target and gives you a bit of MU in case you go late. Despite the +3 on Knob, you quickly eat up your reg MU. A pretty standard rig has been Gordian, Laamb, Mopus, Yusuf, and Imp/Sucker. The Cyberdelia's allow for continuing to be able to test run and compile the femme when your regular MU gets filled up.

Psych Mike: I just wanted to play with a new card, and you do need some amount of cheap installations because of Degree Mill.

Gebrselassie: Again, I just wanted to try out the card. It's cheap to install and I don't mind shuffling it to steal Degree Mill. It helps a bit on Ika when your opponent stacks Surveyor. Most times though you prefer to Femme Surveyors rather than actually break them. It's also fine on Laamb if your opponent is running wall of static + meridian as they can tax you quickly when stacked.

Gbahali - No need for explanation here, it's pseudo AI and great as a cheap Surveyor/Tollbooth breaker.

The Maker's Eye: While indexing is in the format you often have to get past a Tollbooth to get into R&D. Further, without TTW it's hard to capitalize on an indexing run unless you're running Mind's Eye or Nyashia.

Compile: It's really good, but I wouldn't run it as a 3x. Because you really only want to use it for Femme and the nuances with timing windows you'll really only use it on 2 ice deep servers. It being a run event is also hurtful since we can't use it with our bombs like Stimhack or The Makers Eye.

By Any Means; This was a 1x in 1 of my matches. It was tech against the Azmari Ash/Agenda/Red herrings server, but I ended up not using it. It's a fine surprise but not necessary.

Notoriety: Tech against 6 Agenda Azmari. It helps close games a lot quicker than Azmari would like. It's also kinda nice against decks running Meridian if you don't want to deal with that ice anymore.

28 Jul 2018 josephlaizure

Fun deck to play against, even if I was remote locked after turn 4 or so. The Laam/Yusuf interaction to break sentries and code gates gives this a lot of flexibility.

Instead of jamming the last SSL and hoping you thought it was an NGO, I probably should have used Thimblerig to shore up centrals and dig for a Gamer Changer.

Thanks for the games!

2 Aug 2018 jonbones

Awesome, looking forward to more Modded+R&R decks if you have em!

6 Aug 2018 JDC_Wolfpack

@josephlaizureThat last play was a bit awkward, and honestly it confused me to no end because I knew I could get in click 1. My first instinct was to ignore it based on that alone, but ultimately it could've lost me the game if I didn't check it so I had to.

Thimblerig was a great little piece of ice in that match. It was fun to watch how you used it to move around some of your heavier ice depending on what you wanted to protect.