The Loutfit - CT Regionals Winner

tf34 1380

This is an adaptation of Simonmoon’s NYC regional winning Outfit deck. It took me to 1st place this week at CT regionals. The changes I made from his list were:

-2 Snare +2 Archived Memories

-1 Preemptive Action +1 IPO

The Snares did not impress me in testing. Archived Memories was useful all tournament, usually for recurring HHN.

I left in one Snare because I couldn't think of a great replacement for it, but I think it should be replaced with something. EOI is an interesting choice. Sometimes runners will float a tag or two knowing that they are safe from HPT. EOI would punish or prevent that decision and enhances your scoring plan. I am interested in hearing other ideas about how to spend the snare influence.

Because of the addition of Archived Memories, I cut a Preemptive Action for an IPO. This was the wrong choice; I discarded the IPO frequently. I'm not sure what that slot should be. A 1of NGO intrigues me - baiting a run seems really good.

The deck went 7-2.


4 Val 1 Maxx 1 Leela 1 Geist


1 Val 1 Geist

It is a strong deck and a blast to play.

29 Jul 2018 JamesWinters

Snare is the best card in the deck never cut snare.

29 Jul 2018 JamesWinters

Also Data Raven is a Netrunner Card.