Kyuban Combo Wu

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I took this to NYC regional. It went 3-2 on the day, with my losses being from my poor piloting, not from the deck build itself. It does seem to be a deck with less room for error than usual. But this is being published for the combo... not the deck itself. You can make whatever style Wu deck and just add this combo to it. Let's focus on that.

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Waddup. The last Shaper nonsense from me. RIPrunner.

But you know me. I like money. Aesops. Goofy combos.

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Wait. I said Aesops... But this meta sucks (read: I can't afford to do Aesops as my unicorn with how i play)

Fine, time to make a new economy engine instead.

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The Kyuban Combo is a 1 time money funslosion. You can go really hard into it. You can keep it simple. I will outline it all and you can do whatever you want to do. This list does the smallest and simpliest version of this combo.

The TLDR of the combo is...

Use your Hyperdrivers, Use a DDoS, Wu out (or hard install) as many Kyubans as you want (hint, all of them) on the outer most ice that is currently unrezzed. Run a bunch of times. For 6 dollars a click.

Baby version of the combo:

You need: 1x DDoS in hand, 6 credits, 2 clicks remaining in the turn (so you can do the combo next turn). Install DDoS. Wu for an SMC (or install from hand, but Wu'ing one thins your deck and keeps one in hand so its better), then use the SMC for a Hyperdriver. - Next turn, pop Hyper and DDoS, Wu out all the Kyubans onto the outer most ice (must be unrezzed) then run 4 times. Can be done turn 1, so usually gets you HQ or RD accesses also. Gets you 24 credits, for a net 18 profit.

Big bad wolf version of the combo:

You need: 1x DDoS on the board, 1x of either Hyperdriver or Leperchaun in hand, 11 credits, 4 clicks left in the turn. Install Leperchaun, then all of your Hyperdrivers (likely via Wu for SMC 3 times, plus the 1 in your hand). Same combo as above, except now you get 10 runs. For 60 credits. Net profit including the DDoS install is 46.

Every SMC you don't need to use saves 2 dollars.

After the combo, it's a normal shaper deck... with some DDoS's in it... and you didn't use a unicorn slot. So Strike! or FC! or Whatever!

To add this combo to the deck:

2x or 3x DDoS, your ID must be Wu, 3x Kyuban, at least 1x Hyperdriver, with MU solutions if you want to do more than 1 Hyperdriver worth of combo.

Have fun with it.

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31 Jul 2018 ayyyliens

How early in the game do you find yourself to be able to fire a combo?

31 Jul 2018 saetzero

@ayyyliens literally turn 2 most the time. you just need ddos and 6 dollars for the small combo and this deck doesnt have the other support cards you need for the big one.

31 Jul 2018 Johnny Polite

So I'm playing a version that does the same thing, but 3 hyperdrivers, so you can have one big 60 credit turn (usually by turn 4 or 5). Equivocation is also good, because if they only have one ice on RnD then that's a massive credit + equivocation turn.

1 Aug 2018 Sanjay

Do you think a Guru Davinder would be useful in the deck to prevent neck injury from diving headfirst into a pile of gold coins?

1 Aug 2018 saetzero

The gold pile is a ruse. You need to believe its liquid, otherwise it denies you the glory @Sanjay

2 Aug 2018 EnderA

What ID's are you primarily targeting here with Employee Strike? I'm considering switching to Film Critic so I have influence for Turning Wheel.

2 Aug 2018 saetzero

@EnderA Skorp, MTI, CTM, CI... all the usual suspects. Also clears Scarcity and just ruins lots of random corp decks that might not be enough to win tournaments, but could easily ruin yours lol.