Slow Leaks - Patient DLR v1.3

Thike 1188

The exact opposite of the usual DLR Anarch deck. Spend the early game grabbing a few agendas to pawn, and building up your board. Once you feel you can support it, start taking tags and milling, while they're struggling to score through The Source.

-NACH + Stirling + Joshua B. will give you 5 clicks a turn instead of your 2 credits, if you feel you need it. (Not sure if that combo needs to be there, I just want to try it.)

8 May 2014 esternaefil

Why Kati over Tri-Maf? adds up to the same creds per click, but you get the trimaf creds immediately instead of having to wait two turns.

8 May 2014 Thike

Because Kati is more efficient if you wait more then two turns for your credits, which I, theoretically, am able to do. Also, I'm going to end up tagged at one point. No interest in taking the meat damage.

9 May 2014 arribous

All these contacts and no Calling in Favors? I'd drop the FAO and slot that in, you're going to be hurting for econ eventually.

15 May 2014 brightknight_216

I like the idea of this deck. However, I'm curious on one thing. How does this deck fare against Weyland? I don't see you having Plascrete as a protection against Scorched Earth.

16 May 2014 Thike

Honestly, I'm never hurting for money when I actually start going. I had 30+ credits last time I played when I started DLR milling. That was more than enough.

Plascrete is a good idea, but I never fit it in a deck until I've had more time to test and refine.