No Gods, No Masters

Handsome Jack 1586

The final, and in my opinion, best iteration of the Red Planet Couriers Government Takeover deck. R&R brought Drudge Work, an excellent way to hide your agendas while making money, and Kitara's Oduduwa is a great way to accelerate advancement placement. Clot isn't all that common so against shapers you are usually fine, although caution is still advised. Depending on how they play, this deck will either win or fold hard against CV Zero decks. If they save up their counters you don't really have many outs but if they use them early you might be able to eke out a win with Preemptive and a little luck. Overall this is probably my favorite deck and is a great way to use Government Takeover, the best agenda.

1 Aug 2018 Saan

The thing I found saddest about this is that I think SSO is probably still the better RPC deck, at the end of the day. It's generally more resilient, and can get out ICE advancement fast enough to have a viable rush strategy.

I do love me some FA'd GT, though.