Goodstuff Leela 4th place Russian regionals

Mortivor 82

Hi there this was my runner deck on Russian regionals in Moskow which help me to climbe to the top4 (and after that lose all the matches). Ussually I don't post any decks butt I think I am responsible for this brew because I didn't see anything simmilar for 2 monthes before the champ (maybe I'm wrong). And sorry for my bad english.

Packs were legal for Kampala Ascendent so I told myself that I just wanna play good old criminal deck with siphons. I choose Leela because of its cool ability that can solve problematic situations and punish careless players. And you can always play her with style.

Gona tell you little bit about matches. There were 5 rounds of swiss.

1st round against SSO. That wasn't interesting at all. It was just turn one / click one indexing into seven points.

2th round was more chalenging against MTI. Strike wasn't comming on time and I suffered under scarsity. 2 Niseis were scored and I los.

3th round was agains Azmari with Jinja and echo chambers. That was interesting match. Credit denial was the key to victory. My opponent got only 4 creds totally with his ID. Also kept him poor with 4 siphons played. Dopelganger made a good job of farming wheel counters and this won me the game after all.

4th round against CTM. First turn my opponent ices HQ but kept R&D open. Stealing beale from it, bouncing HQ ice, siphon, playing "no one home". I think this first turn won me the game.

5th round was against Argus. My opponent did't draw any ice on first couple turns. So double siphon in the early game and agenda flood did there work. 2 times I was under 4 tags by HHN but clear it just on time.

After all I made top 4 and lose first game with my NEXT due to agenda flood.

In second match I lose to actual winner's CTM by not winning first turn mind game of 3 installs. I thought it were asset, MVT, agenda. But it were bankers, rashida, bankers. I trashed rasida and bankers under strike. But after that was punished into taghell with HHN and lose too much tempo to win.

It is need to be mentioned that I was only one not Valentia+CV+Zero player in the top. This makes me feel better.

Not a breakdown but some thoughts about card choises.

Events: Standart criminal pakage. Mensionable cards are Strikes as a good meta call, Falsified Credentials sinergizes good with turtle and which is more important gives you information. Indexing is important card esspesially in Leela. It could turn on your siphons turn one and with Leela you can bounce this "looks like Miraju" ice, I am thinking about adding second copy after tycoon replace my paperclip. And of course MVP of the day diversion of FUN. It is not as great as old one butt it is steel pretty powerfull. Espesially after all forgot about it while it was rotated. Inside job was good as always. Potentialy could activate turn one siphon.

Resourses: Money and draw thats all you need. No one home proved its usability in NBN, Weyland and Jinteki matchaps so i think it is a good inclusion. SOT for recuring multiaccess events and sometimes siphons when it is nessesary. TTW as a multiacces tool and win condition in a late game.

Hardware: what can I tell here. Dopelganger is a good and cheap console it did good job over the tournament giving me that one memory and saving clicks on runs. It is sinergistic with turtle, wheel and all run events. By the way I think it would be replaced with paragon.

Programs: Paperclip - nothing to say. Best fracter on the day of the tournament. Amina - great answers to big codegates (and has nice promo artwork). Passport - because you dont need to install amina most games. Mongose - good answer to cheap sentries and also known as Komainu and Cobra killer. Fairie - my answer to big sentries. Anansi - 3 creds, Archer - 4 creds, Komainu - ZERO. Nothing more to say.

Give this deck a shot for the good old criminals (not this nexus and tagme cancer). It is fast, furious, pretty skill intensive and interesting to play.

3 Aug 2018 Steamwood

Looks like a fun deck to play, thanks for posting!