RCG *Modern* Corp Draft Cube 6 Players RnR 0.1

Late 252

Hello fellow Netrunner Draft Enthusiasts!

This is my updated till RnR Corp Version of the Rosenheim City Grid's *modernized" Draft Cube.

Currently it is for 6 Players only as 6 Players seem to be the magic number for attendees showing up to our little get-togethers.

I think blowing this up to 8 Players by adding 80 Cards, adding a few multiples especially to make some archetypes more likely to come together would definitely improve this Cube overall.

If you decide to give it a go and want to tell me about your experience or have some general Feedback or something, I would very much appreciate it!

So Long and thanks for all the Fish!

Recipe Per Player:

(if you want to go up X players, follow this Recipe)

~ 7,5 Agendas

~15.5 Agenda Points

~ 7 Assets

~ 3 Upgrades

~ 7 Operations

~ 15,5 Ice , divided evenly on Sub-types and only a few "other"

=40 Cards per Player

Starting Cards:

5 Priority Requisition

2 Green Level Clearance

2 Launch Campaign

Some feedback suggested Melange Mining was too good to have as a starting econ Card. In our rounds having it out behind a ice which the runner cant pass, using it a few times early game can become pretty overwhelming, so we'll try launch campaign next time, clickless but finite and still trashable.

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22 Oct 2018 saralolita

Thanks for this cube,Melange Mining is too strong,but econ card is less。