TheSSOThatWasMeanToThem [4-1 Sydney Regionals 2018]

Matt500 54

This is a 100% credit to themeanlady, aka thatladywhowasmeantome, aka Elizabeth Mills Superior, aka Alexis, who 48 hours prior to the Regionals told me to play this instead of selling out to Skorp. I played it once as a test and bowed to her supreme wisdom.

How Do I Play This?

Go check out the OG SSO and the playstyle writeup for yourself

Single remote rush out no fear deck. Expect to have a rough time against Maxx.

Card Changes – Most Likely Bad

I made 4 total card changes that I am sure made the deck worse, since I dropped one game to a Val who was insanely rich turn 4 and outplayed me. The other suggestion is to have more archived memories than Biotics and I feel this would have been a better call.

I subbed Colossus for Surveyor because I heard it was a good card, unfortunately because it doesn’t synergize with SSO’s ID ability you basically hope to see them in the mid game to protect your final 5/3 score. It’s tough to bait an ice when you choose not to fire SSO ability, and most likely its expected. But absolutely taxs out the remote so really up to you.

I wanted a second Masvingo because I found it extremely taxing early on and so I replaced 1x Ice Wall for it.

I put in 1x HPT and replaced it with 1x IPO because firetesting aka Alex Forndran was asking us all for CV’s to borrow. Plus Sydney loves CV. I didn’t end up playing him (probably for the best) and usually the aim is to win fast and hope they don’t see CV that early. I didn’t miss IPO and if they run into your Mausolus with 3 advancement tokens and keep the tag, #valuesnipes.

Why Should I Play SSO

This deck, imo, is both fun to play and disgusting for your opponent. If you can start with a 5/3 agenda with a dedication ceremony and a single ice wall / asteroid belt, then you’re already on the way to a win (that happened). If you’re opponent steals a 5/3 with both Mad Dash and Freedom Through Equality and you have a Punitive in hand, that’s 100% a win (also happened).

Where’s your Runner deck

I’m not posting it. I finished 12th at regionals purely because my runner was Liza + Dorm Computer that tried to never keep tags (pro tip: it did) and that only netted 1 win from an early money draw. Turns out the memes were dreams. #crim4life

A Big BIG shoutout to Sydney Regionals, the people I played against, the winner ( aka Tobias), the top8 and the total 34 people who attended. I’ve never been ‘good’ at this game and this regionals was the first time I felt competitive and had a shot whilst having the best day I’ve had playing netrunner since I first put together my Gabe deck 2.5 years ago. Our community is fantastic and the love was shown in many ways.

Another big credit to Inactivist for giving us a great way to remember the good times. #sydneyactiveunion