FA SSO (5th place Sydney Regionals 2018)

Ch1y0 3

Apologize if I make some grammar mistakes. :P

This is the first regional experience in Sydney since I left China. Tbh I havent play ANR for 2 years but I love this game. Sydney community is so kind and enthusiastic in playing ANR which impressed me. SSO is also the first ID I played when I return to this game. No doubt this one is powerful and fast, always makes miracle. Although it will be challenged when face CV, it is time to test your fortune.

After the regionals I changed 2 punitive counterstrike to 1 scarcity of resources and 1 asteriod belt if theres too many CV in meta, because the economy of SSO is not so good and sometimes I have to keep 9 bucks for labor+mars to end the game and I have to keep my tempo until 4 points is in my score area or I have at least 2 labor in my hand.

It really helps me to win the game. Even runners are finding their key cards, I can advance safely behind the defence if starting cards are not so terrible. I got points in 1 akiko, 2 val and 1 kuhmalo. Actully I have no idea with Tobi's maxx, too fast and too rich, thats so incredible. At last I get 3-1+1ID with SSO, Top 8 is enough for me.

8 Aug 2018 Matt500

Shame we didnt get to play each other, but saw the deck and congrats on doing so well! GG my SSO brother =D