Vengeful Investors -Undefeated CO Regionals + US Nationals

mathandlove 422

I took this deck to Colorado Regionals and US Nationals and won the regional and got 9th place in Nationals. Thanks to Alec Anders for helping me build this beast. We knew Clan Vengeance was a beast and found that Fisk Investment Center was a strong combo against corps who try to keep no cards in hand. (Get a 6-7 point clan, and have them discard all of it).

Random Trivia: At Nationals, I indexed on Click 4 twice, winning me the game both times. (I set up the deck so that I either Clan Vengeance after the draw), or give them trash to draw as I set up my Clan Vengeance for the next round).

Why Quetzal? This deck does not want to run unless you are going to score points. So Val is next to useless - especially since getting Clan Vengeance + Zer0 is a must. The deck is weakest in the early game, and Quetzal solves that substantially. Very few games we even have to install a paperclip. Take for example a game against Skorp. They rush an Oaktown out behind one piece of ice. I sure gamble, Black Orchestra on turn one, which basically wins the game before it begins.

Alec improved upon this deck for Gencon and did even better, but I'll leave it to him to tell that story.

Thanks to Scott Sesko and Spenser Lee for helping me test. I'm going to miss Netrunner.