The Other Oaktown Renovation

Handsome Jack 1589

Urban Renewal Cybernetics Division build. Surprisingly good: FC3 is still amazing and Gatekeeper can keep them out for that critical turn where they run for the Renewal with 1 counter on it. The only really difficult part of the deck is getting 1 brain damage on the runner so the bomb is lethal, but you have a multitude of ways to do it, including Tempus, Curfew, Kamali/FC hit, a Kill Switch fire, and even just a random Stimhack the runner thought was a good idea.

10 Aug 2018 Cpt_nice

What do you hit with Enforcing Loyalty?

10 Aug 2018 Saan

I ran a similar build, and I found it was nice getting Self Destruct Chips in as another way for them to have a lowered hand size. I dig the deck =)

10 Aug 2018 Handsome Jack

@Cpt_nice you can hit all sorts of things, like Citadel Sanctuary (tricky, but doable), Aumakua, and other common imports.