TeachingCenter MK II (6-1 in competition)

PureFlight 1028

Went 3-1 at the Detroit Regional, losing only once to an Adam deck. With my winning agenda in an unassailable remote, he had 2 clicks to score 4 points and found them on R&D by letting Fairchild 2 rip up his board. I should have installed Quicksand there instead.

This deck went undefeated at a large July GNK before a few improvements. Namely, the NEXT ice suite was dropped for better anti-Turtle ice in FC2, Wraparound, Turing, and Quicksand.


Team Sponsorship is one of my favorite cards, so I threw it in a deck because sportz. Then, I was at like 45 cards and I had 13 extra influence, so I started looking for installables I could bring back with TS that were also a lot of influence.

As soon as I realized I could sink Sportsmetal Credits into an Amani Trace, I was sold. And sure enough, this deck went undefeated in a 15-person GNK tonight. Hyperloop becomes a stupid swing of credits when you gain 5 and they have to pay 3 for the Senai trace.



You rush out early, leaving R&D undefended and hope they steal some points so you can get your econ up. Your late game scores come from:

Future Changes

The Holmegaard is a weird choice but I wanted another good Remote Enforcement target. If hypothetically FC3 came off the MWL that would probably be better.

The Giordano vs Ash debate is a tough one. I'd certainly go 2x Gio 1x Ash if I found something else to drop.

11 Aug 2018 rubyvr00m

How has the 1x Game Changer been performing? I figured since it has a trash cost you'd want to play multiples if you plan on using it, but I'm guessing it's more of a random lucky win con in this case?

11 Aug 2018 PureFlight

@rubyvr00m As a 1x, it's definitely a lucky closer, you're totally right. They usually trash it off R&D. I could see dropping an IPO or something for a 2nd one. I only used it once in the 7 games I mentioned. I would love to see it more consistently.

You need double-digit credits to use it, so it is a bit of a combo with Stock Buy-Back/IPO from the previous turn. A lot of games you're pretty loaded, so it's not a deal-breaker. It is a bit unwieldy.

I could try swapping it for that Ash and commit to scoring out from that remote. Or just a Biotic for a slightly cheaper closer.