Comet Insight Party

Slowriffs 725

My interpretation of the Comet-Insight shaper shenanigans being hip lately.

I think Ayla is a much better choice than Chaos Theory. 6 MU is not needed if you play nanotek and the NVRAM allows you to start with comet almost every game. Also play 3 stimhacks. Stimhacks win games.

Overal the deck went 3-1, beating Gagarin, Ctm and Asa and losing to brain rewiring because well, I don't really have any CI tech in here and I didn't access the agendas sooo....

12 Aug 2018 ayyyliens

This deck is legit. 10/10 would best defense top hat again.

12 Aug 2018 gilesdavis

haha ^

12 Aug 2018 gilesdavis

Been meaning to get around to this since I first saw the CT list. I've been tuning my own take on TheBigBoy's Comet Bios list since that dropped.

Agreed on 3x Stim, my other main tip: Brain Cage, allows you to keep stimming with impunity post Levy. Regularly win games with 4-5 brain damage.

13 Aug 2018 Slowriffs

Could try it, but haven't really had game last that long yet.