Pretty Ragequit Machine: R&R Edition (4th place Den Haag)

ayyyliens 516

This deck went 3-1 (4th place, cut was top 3 so I missed out on that one). I knew I wanted to play a kill deck because I don't like Liza. Saw Spags play a NEH deck on the gencon stream and I found this on NRDB. I added in some Reign & Reverie spice and after testing I decided to bring it to the regional.

Round 1 (WIN) versus Ross NG on Wu

I beautifully mulligan into bankers, pad campaign and DBS. He uses Wu to install reaver, harbinger and Aesop's. I rez all my assets and procceed by icing my centrals and using drudge work to shuffle back an agenda. Both our credit pools are low and he decides to contest the DBS. I follow up with a HHN. He clears 3 tags. I trash his Aesop's. Game slows down from here. I keep building boardstate, he is very low on credits. I manage to score an 15 minutes and a SSL using lady liberty behind some ice and MVT's. I installed a MVT on HQ and because it is the only non iced server he takes the bait and runs. I follow up with EcoWar into HHN. A few draws later I played Consulting Visit into BOOM! ending the game.

Round 2 (LOSS) versus Ryanbantwins on Val

Not much to say here, he drew into early econ and used that advantage to keep me poor. I tried jamming agendas but he destroyed everything! Using stimhack to clear out all the MVT's. Game still took a while because agendas didn't show up. You can't beat Brian with asset spam, this man knows all its ins and outs!

Round 3 (WIN) versus Sjoerd on Geist

I keep an opening hand with no econ/drudge work/agendas just because it had my one-off scarcity. He clicks for credits, installs turtle and starts making runs. He can't find anything except an EcoWar into HHN. I can't find my combo pieces so he slowly clears the tags. Because I was greedy (Drawing aggresively hoping to find CV or Boom) he snatches a beale and SSL from HQ. I put more ice on R&D and get 2 DBS's running. He has to keep clicking for credits because I played EcoWar's to keep him under sure gamble range. Eventually I manage to stick 4 tags again with HHN and EOI the SSL back removing his game point advantage and trashing the turtle with best defense. He decides to go tag-me and starts hammering HQ revealing nothing (Thank you DBS's!). I mandatory into CV and end the game.

Round 4 (WIN) versus Marciano on Smoke

He installs comet (Didn't expect this engine out of smoke, very cool!) turn 1 and plays some econ events. I build up my boardstate. He trashes DBS and Bankers. I EcoWar into HHN. We are both on zero credits, he has comet, 4 tags and all I had was a pad campaign. The game went on like this for a while. Both barely having any credits, I can't find my kill package and he's clicking credits and clearing tags. Agendas start piling up. I install a SSL naked. He decided to check that remote. The credit boost however gave me the upperhand. I started building a scoring remote and he keeps hammering HQ. I manage to stick 4 tags again and I eventually DBS into BOOM! ending the game.

I had a great time in Den Haag (also my best performance so far), met a lot of friendly people. They offered me drinks and I got a full art data raven from Marciano! I am looking forward to come back for the dutch nationals in october.

12 Aug 2018 Cpt_nice

Interesting list, I was watching the game and was expecting way more assets. Looks very solid though. And the 17 influence as compared to 12 in CTM is nice

12 Aug 2018 ayyyliens

It feels a little like CTM. Credits to excellent deckbuilding by Spags. The 17 influence is just perfect, I cant think of any other spread that would be better. It's a little fragile in the early game but once you get going you can tackle even the biggest credit pools.

19 Aug 2018 spags

Thanx for playing it! Glad you enjoyed.

I just published an updated version. Check it out.