[TWA] NEXT aggression v:1.4

Shielsy 923

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5 Mar 2015 lgbiteman

I'd rather see discussion about the deck. You link the decks in the article, but don't actually talk about them beyond linking them...

5 Mar 2015 kevelairn

Interesting - this is a lot less ICE than NEXT typically runs.

With only 16 ICE in NEXT it seems like you have to be happy with only 1 ICE firing off of the ID ability, since you only have a 53% chance of drawing 2 ICE in 5 cards, or 78% if you mulligan for it.

Is the ID doing enough for you in this case?

5 Mar 2015 Dydra

I disapprove of trying to generate views towards your site posting like that.

On the deck itself, your only mushin is for Junebug .... and only Junebug ... this is sad ... so very sad ...

Assuming that you have some crazy plan to rush with Blue Level and Green Level your fast into Agndas and hope to Mushin no shin + single ICE install with a barrier/code gate before they get their breakers ...

Maybe it would have made more Sense if u played 3x Efficiency Committee, rush it and mushin ot behind a remote while them not having breakers ... and FROM THERE to FA with Shipment from San San ...

As it is, I feel the deck is really bad sorry ... The Junebug will catch people off-guard for sure, but once they play against u and know u have it in your deck it's game over :(

5 Mar 2015 lgbiteman

I agree with @kevelairn - next wants more ice, especially since they're looking to use the id's advantage, otherwise, you might as well run this in core set HB.

I even more strongly agree with @Dydra - what's the point of this other than to clickbait to your site, which I'm unsure if it's a giant PDF or a blog, but it looks like you're just trying to drive traffic to an article that doesn't actually discuss the linked decks in any way shape or form :(

5 Mar 2015 Shielsy

Hey all just to clarify, this list is an example of an aggressive corp deck that I've published in order to link it in. If it looks crazy that's because it is. @dydra you're spot on in your interpretation; the aim is to be as aggressive as possible. At this time, this list is undefeated against midrange and control runners (more examples of which are given in the article) and has basically never won a game against aggressive runner without using Junebug. If that sounds odd that's fine. I like to have a lot of options when I'm choosing what deck to play at an event, and if I feel like the room won't be prepared for this kind of aggression I'll play this list. Yes there is a lot of changes you could make to end up with just another midrange corp, with ETF, but that would actually be significantly worse against common midrange runners like Leela Patel or (some) Kate lists.

17 Mar 2015 robomagic

Super dug your article @Shielsy! I think that while we always lose some nuance when we create these kind of taxonomies, it's still a completely reasonable way to make choices about broad deck strategies based on current trends in your local metas. This deck looks particularly juicy, but I also play in a friendly meta that is a bit all too happy to test-run a femme onto that one paper wall to bypass it. I look forward to seeing how it handles breaker-light criminals and anarchs though!

19 Mar 2015 Fl3xbyts

Thanks @Shielsy for the article and for this deck list! I started playing Netrunner a few months ago and I listen to Winning Agenda every week! It is my "go-to" guide to learn how to play smarter/improve.

I took this deck to my game night tonight; I won every game. People are not expecting the speed and can't find their breakers in time.

Mushin No Shin can be used for Project Junebug or for agendas if you see that they still don't have a particular breaker. And like you said in the podcast; the Level Clearances are there to help you recover once you scored an agenda.

I will continue to have a blast playing this deck! Thanks again!

2 Apr 2015 trogdor

Have you considered Executive Bootcamp?