obscurica 1303


The basics of this deck is pretty simple:

Step One: draw a lot of cards.

Step Two: take a lot of damage.

Step Three: harvest a lot of corp tears.

Damage done to feed Clan Vengeance is mitigated in any number of ways: I've Had Worse and Respirocytes turns lost cards into extra cards, while Brain Cage makes incidental damage fairly inconsequential.

Get enough Cages installed, and you can grab ahold of a Game Day, draw a giant pile of cards, and flush it all out with Severnius Stim Implant for a deep run through their deck. Then do it all again when Obelus triggers!

15 Aug 2018 Xh4rx4d

Brain Cage is unique. You can only have one installed at a time, which makes sense. You have only 1 noggin t replace with a cyber skull.

15 Aug 2018 obscurica

Friggin. Yeah, failed to catch that. Drawing board, drawing board...

16 Aug 2018 Apex Predator

Awesome archetype and combo concept!

You may want to consider a Stim Dealer/Amped Up/All-nighter and Duggar's combo for your Severnius Stim Implant. You can also replace Brain Cage with Origami, but that would require you to add an extra MU. Another combo is to use Adjusted Chronotype+Gene Conditioning Shoppe to fuel a Wyldside+Beach Party. Last but not least... how could you not combo Hades Shard with Obelus!

So many combos and card engines were created during the age of Faust. You should look into those decks for them too.