The Chaos Dragon

Captain 48

The strategy of this deck is ice destruction. You want to get out Magnum Opus in the first few turns which test run and SMC will help to retrieve if you don't see it in your opening hand. Spinal modem and cyber feeders to feed Wyrm and parasites for quick ice destruction keeping the corps servers shallow. Omega is more important than Alpha but if you are not seeing your parasites then install alpha

7 May 2014 Havok_SCO

What about Personal Touch to boost Wyrm's base strength as well? Also Clone Chips and Scavenge for Parasites. Also Scavenge is good to combo with Test Run.

7 May 2014 Captain

I chose cyber feeder over personal touch because they can also be used to install parasites. I might cut the infiltration for clone chips for further parasite recursion. I don't have the space for scavenge unfortunately but that is a killer combo.

7 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

clone chips would be pretty clutch.

7 May 2014 omegalife2002

I have been playing ice destruction decks for a while now (mostly in Kate for the discount) and you have an interesting mix of ideas here. From what I've seen, there are 2 thoughts to ice destruction: all in or half in.

All in - Parasite, Wyrm, Datasucker, Personal Touch, Clone Chip, etc. The whole goal is to never break ice, only destroy it. This is the route I tend to go and it typically is pretty R&D focused, using things like R&D Interface, Indexing, Keyhole.

Half in - This is kind of the new breed and goes for things like 2 Parasite, 2 Datasucker, Atman, Mimic, etc. The goal here is to only kill that ice that you can't comfortably handle with Atman or whatever. Never runs Wyrm, ever.

This deck seems kind of in-between them. My suggestion is to figure out what kind of ice destruction you really want to do and go from there. Wyrm is pretty good in full on destruction, but kind of weak otherwise. I would strongly recommend putting in Clone Chips and Datasuckers no matter what though. Those are key to any of the ice destruction decks.

Good luck! :)

7 May 2014 Captain

Hey thanks for the suggestions. I'm actually new to the ice destruction game. TBH ice destruction was a secondary thought. At first I wanted to build an alpha and Omega deck that didn't run any support breakers but I knew that the corp could shut me out by building three deep servers; thus the Parasite and Wyrm solution of ice destruction. Hopefully I can give a better account on the deck though I fear it may be too slow.